Photo of the Day – Wide Angle Lembeh

Although it is known as a macro location, the Lembeh Strait is also a very under rated wide angle photography location.  Besides the stunning reefs on the east and north ends of the island, there are sites within the strait that also host some amazing wide angle opportunities.  Dive sites such as California Dreaming, Angels Window, and Crab a Goby offer reasonably clear water as well as a plethora of sea fans, sea whips, soft corals and other classic wide angle photo opportunities.  However, the wide angle photo opportunities in Lembeh really come into their own when concentrating on Close Focus Wide Angle opportunities on Lembeh’s more signature muck sites.  The “wow” factor of shooting mucky creatures with a wide angle lens is what makes Lembeh Wide Angle photos really stand out from the crowd as a “soft coral” photo can be from anywhere.  During our annual Photography Workshop in Lembeh at NAD we always discuss the benefits of shooting wide in a macro location, join us this July and learn how to improve your wide angle muck photography!


Hairy Frogfish Lembeh

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