How To?? – Add Your Copyright To Every Image Automatically

In this day and age of the internet it’s very important to protect your photos from theft. One way to do this is to add your Copyright Information to every photo that you take. An easy way to automate this is to use Adobe Lightroom and apply the Copyright Information to all of your photos during the “import” process. This makes it easy and you will never have to worry about forgetting it upon export.

The first step is to open Lightroom and then click on “Import” to import a set of photos, once on the “Import” page look at the right side of the screen and find the “Metadata” line under “Apply During Import”

Import Copyright Preset

Next simply create a Preset by selecting “New” from the Metadata drop down list Under “Apply During Import” when importing your photos to Lightroom.

Add New Preset

Now all that remains to be done is to name the Preset, I call it “Copyright Info”, and fill in the appropriate boxes with the necessary information; be sure to also click the “Copyrighted” option in the Copyright Status drop down list.  Then tick the  boxes to the right of these two options (don’t tick any other boxes) and then click Create at the bottom.

Fill in the Copyright Fields Only

You now have a Copyright Preset that you can click on every time you import a new set of photos to Lightroom by simply making sure that the “Copyright Info” preset is selected each time you import.  As an added bonus, Lightroom leaves that field checked every time you open Lightroom if you had it clicked the previous time that Lightroom was open.

Copyright Option is Clicked

The metadata fields on all of your imported photos will then look like this:

Auto filled Copyright Field

And that is it, all of your images now have your copyright information embedded in the metadata of your photo and it will remain there when you export your images (unless you specifically tell Lightroom not to, not recommended) Just one small aid to help you protect your images online.



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