Two Day Underwater Photography Course


Should I Enroll in the Two Day Underwater Photography Course?

Two Day Underwater Photography CourseAlways wanted to learn but don't know where to start? Are you intimidated by the thought of taking a class with other divers?  Do you feel that because you are new to underwater photography, that you don't know where to start?  Are you interested in a class but think your equipment is not fancy enough?

Then this course is for you! Our two day underwater photography course introduces brand new photographers to the wonderful world of underwater photography. During this class we concentrate on the basics. We aim to give new photographers a quick overview of how to take photos underwater. This class is run with a maximum of 4 students but is usually conducted one to one. We start with a morning lecture, a dive with the instructor and then lunch. After lunch it's more theory, a second dive, and image review. One day two we maintain a similar schedule with final thoughts from the instructor at the end of the day.

The Two Day Underwater Photography course is a great introduction to underwater photography.  It goes more into depth than the one day course and we get more technical as well.  Topics include taking care of your equipment, strobe positioning, learning to control basic exposure fundamentals, and diving like a photographer. We also discuss composition, wide angle photography, and secret macro techniques.

What Will I Learn?

This is a class aimed at beginning underwater photographers.  We describe the best way to maintain the camera and housing. A walk through of how to set up the camera and housing efficiently. A discussion of the most relevant settings on the camera and where to start.  We explain basic strobe positioning and how to get the best colours underwater. We also discuss composition, advanced strobe techniques, and how to get the most from wide angle photography. Our aim is to build your confidence to a level where you are capturing great photos on every dive.

Two Day Underwater Photography CourseWhat's Included in the Two Day Underwater Photography Course?

4 dives with instructor, lunch, transfers, air tanks and weights, digital course files.

This class is done in the Tulamben or Amed areas. This class requires an overnight trip to NE Bali, hotel is not included but we can recommend partner hotels.

If you would like to continue diving after your photo class we are more than happy to create a tailored itinerary for you with a private guide for your group. This is a great way to continue practicing your photography techniques while exploring and experiencing one of the best diving locations in the world.

If you are interested in learning more than just the basics check out more of our courses. Our 3 Day Course delves into everything you need to know to get your photography to the next level.  Learn a little more about diving in Amed and Tulamben.


Pricing for the Two Day Underwater Photography Course is IDR 6,500,000


What's Included?

Custom Photo Class Bali School of Underwater PhotographyLunch on Dive Days

Local dive fees and porters

Digital Course Files

Drinks From Our Coolers

Use of gear bags



Not Included

BW Amenome andFlights


Dive or Travel Insurance (Mandatory)

Gear or Camera Rental


Services outside such as massage, alcohol

Lunch on non diving days