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In this section we post short tutorials on “How To?” accomplish a specific type of photograph underwater.  These will be posted quite regularly and will be very short and to the point, giving out quick tips on how to improve your photography.  In fact, from time to time we will also discuss other areas of photography such as aerials and land based photography as well.  Keep the “How To” page bookmarked as it will be updated often.

“How To” Shoot with Filters Underwater – Tips and tricks to mastering this useful wide angle photography technique.   Read the Full Article
Filter Photography
“How to” Take Limited Depth of Field Macro Photos – The joy of bokeh and limited depth of field, simple yet fun.   Read the Full Article
Depth of Field
“How To” Take Better Silhouettes – lets discuss a few tips to improve your Silhouette photos.   Read the Full Article
“How To ” Take Better Coral Reef Images – several ways to improve your wide angle photography of coral reefs.   Read the Full Article
Coral Reef Garden
“How to ” automatically add your copyright information to the metadata of all of your photos using Lightroom.   Read the Full Article
Small Copyright
 “How To” create blue backgrounds with a macro lens.   Read the Full Article
Blue Background Macro
 “How To” take better photos of Big Animals underwater.   Read the Full Article
Silvertip Shark and Jacks
“How To” create interesting lighting by adding a snoot to your underwater photography arsenal.   Read the Full Article
A snooted blue ring octopus
“How To” get the perfect blue background in wide-angle photography.   Read the Full Article
Mola mola or sunfish in Bali, Indonesia
“How To” improve your Close Focus Wide Angle Photography.   Read the Full Article…
How To??
“How to” Split Photos – One of the more common questions we get asked photographically is about the Split Photo.    Read the Full Article…
Bali School of Underwater Photography Split Photo