How To?? – Perfect Blue Backgrounds

Mola mola cleaning at Crystal Bay, Nusa PendidaGetting the perfect blue background on wide-angle photographs is not as hard as you might think; the trick to learning how to do it consistently is very easy! The key to achieving a rich blue background is by understanding how to use the cameras “light meter” to measure your shutter speed. The first step is to set your f-stop based on how far you are from your subject, then, aim your camera in the direction you are planning to shoot (make sure you aim at the unencumbered background). Now keep an eye on your light meter while adjusting your shutter speed until the light meter reads approximately “-1” and voila! You are now set at the speed you will need to achieve a rich blue background. Then simply take the photo and adjust the shutter speed up or down in order to bracket the exposure accordingly.

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