How To? – Close Focus Wide Angle Photography

How To??In this short blurb we discuss “How To” improve your Close Focus Wide Angle Photography.  The name pretty much tells it all about C.F.W.A, it’s a form of wide angle photography utilizing a wide angle lens from very close quarters, usually 30 cm or closer to the subject.  The cool thing about a CFWA shot is that it allows the photographer to encompass not just the main subject, but also a view into the background as well.  Therefore, the key to a successful CFWA shot is choosing a subject that suits the frame and has a pleasing background to go with it.  What often works are subjects around 15-30 cm in size or larger and are situated in a suitable position.  A wide lens such as a fisheye or a fisheye with TC and a small dome port are preferred, in order to get the strobes in as close as possible to the subject without causing shadow to fall across the front of it. A slow shutter speed is also a good choice as this allows the natural light to burn in the exposure in the background

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