The Cleaning Station – A Sub2o Blogpost

Grouper Being CleanedMike has written another short article over on the Dive Advisor website called “A Guide to Cleaning Stations” via their Sub2o platform.  If you are not following the Sub2o blog then you are missing out on some great articles!  Mike’s latest article is all about the magic of exploring and experiencing cleaning stations, whether the creatures being cleaned are large or small!  Have a look at it at the following link and spend some time on the site while you are there to read other posts by a great set of authors.



Although the ocean is in a constant swirl of prey and predator interactions, it’s difficult for divers to observe natural behaviour, as animals often flee from our large and intruding presence. However, as any seasoned photographer or naturalist knows, there is one place that is always home to a buzz of activity on the reef: the cleaning station!    Read More…   A Guide to Cleaning Stations Full Article

Coral Reefs of Indonesia

Coral reef Indonesia

the coral reef on the reef top of Dead Man’s Rock, Komodo National Park

Indonesia is home of some of the most diverse and healthy coral reef in the world. While diving Komodo National Park it is possible to visit several site with abundant fish and coral life.

Photo of the Day – Monkey!

White Faced Monkey in a Palm Tree

We don’t just take photos underwater, sometimes we even break the camera out of the housing.  On a trip to Costa Rica back in the day Mike took this photo of a beautiful White Faced Monkey at the Manuel Antonio National Park

Taken with  Nikon F90 and Film along with 80-200mm lens, settings not recorded