UWT/Maluku Divers Photo Workshop Update #3

Workshop Ambon

We have now finished day two of our Underwater Tribe / Maluku Divers Photo Workshop and the action is in full swing. Everyone was fully inspired by Joe Daniels slideshow the night before that was chock full of incredible photos of what we might encounter in Ambon so everyone was chomping at the bit this morning to get out there. Highlights of the day included harlequin shrimp, janolus nudibranchs, frogfish, tiger shrimp, leaf fish, ornate ghost pipefish, bumble bee shrimp, and rhinopias! After lunch we began our discussion about strobes and proper strobe positioning for macro and wide photography before heading out on the third dive of the day. Before dinner there was time for image review and camera discussion while some of the folks headed out on a successful mandarinfish dive. After a delicious dinner served by the fantastic Maluku Divers team, Mike continued discussing the “Basics of Photography” with plenty of illustrations explaining f-stops and shutter speeds and how they work in conjunction in underwater photography. After such a full day the gang headed off to bed fairly early in order to get some rest for another full day of diving tomorrow!

Scouting Continues in Ambon with Jetty Photography

Last day of scouting for the trip and finally decided to dive the famous Twilight Zone dive site under the jetty in Laha. As per usual there were a ton of great critters down there: multiple harlequin shrimp, seahorses, hunting crinoid cuttlefish, and lots of other cool critters. However, I decided to shoot a bit of wide angle instead to see how the schooling fish were under the jetty. I am happy to report that there were plenty of fish under the jetty, unfortunately there was a bit of cloud though so the blues are somewhat muted. For those looking for CFWA or WA opportunities in Ambon there are a plethora of jetties to choose from, we have visited Laha jetty, Air Manis jetty, and Dark Blue jetty so far and all have been fruitful so far. We are looking forward to presenting our “Shooting Wide in Critter Country” lecture later this week!  Here is a shot from Dark Blue jetty taken this afternoon by Luca.

Dark Blue Jetty


UWT Ambon Workshop Blog Part 1

Ambon Reptilian SnakeEel

We are now in Ambon and settled in at Maluku Divers Resort, Luca and Mike are here a couple of days early to do a bit of a recce on the sites in the bay so we know what is hot before everyone arrives. Conditions have been perfect for the first few days: clear water, flat seas, and nice sunny weather which is absolutely perfect for photography. We are really looking forward to this week, our first photo workshop here where we are expecting some fantastic critter dives. Over the last two days we have seen Rhinopias, flambouyant cuttlefish, melibe and solar powered nudis, loads of seahorses, octopus, and we even had a surprise visit by a massive Mola mola! Our guests are starting to trickle in over the next few days and the workshop itself will kickoff on the 18th! More updates to follow and here is a “sneak peek” photo of what we hope to find to whet your appetite.  We will be posting updates pretty much daily between here and our FB page so please follow along to see what we are up to.  Underwater Tribe on Facebook



Lembeh Strait Photo Workshop 2015

Lembeh Strait Rhinopias Photo Workshop

Our Lembeh Strait Photo Workshop is coming soon, 18-25 July 2015!  We still have spaces available for this wonderful week of diving and learning all about underwater photography in one of the best locations on the planet.  The Lembeh Strait is the home of muck diving and is a wonderful place to learn and practice underwater photography skills in a relaxed and fun environment.  Our hosts, NAD Lembeh Resort are one of the leading resorts in the region and boast the best guide to diver ratio in Lembeh, 1 guide for every 2 divers!  With our policy that the instructors don’t carry cameras underwater, this means that our attention to detail for all of the guests on the workshop will be top notch.  With a low price starting at just USD $1398 per person, this is a great opportunity to dive one of the world’s top destinations with a great group of friendly people while improving your photography skills at the same time.

For more information visit the Underwater Tribe/NAD Lembeh Photo Workshop 2015 page.

Erupting Volcano – Photo of the Day

One of the coolest things to see when diving the Banda Sea or East Flores/Alor is the opportunity to visit the island of Komba near Maumere.  The island is actually a very active volcano which erupts every 15 minutes or so spreading ash and rocks all over.  The opportunity to watch the show is an incredible experience both at night or during the day.  Here is a shot of the volcano as seen during the day

Volcano Erupting

Photo of the Day – HDR Wayag

The lagoon of Wayag

The Wayag island group in northern Raja Ampat, Indonesia is an incredible feast on the eyes, with hundreds of karst islets scattered throughout a calm lagoon.  This picture perfect place is best seen from the top of Mt Pindito where one can observe the entire lagoon from above.  For this photo I have used HDR photography to stitch 3 photos together in order to bring out the best blues and greens possible.

Shot of the Day – Daram Corals and Fusiliers

The Daram island group in Raja Ampat is one of my personal favourite destinations in all of Indonesia.  Dense schools of fish, beautiful soft corals and very few divers make for an incredible dive experience spread over several different world class sites.  This photo is take at the site “Warna Berwarna” which boasts a huge diversity of life from big schools of fusiliers to the tiny Denise pygmy seahorse.  This image boasts colourful soft corals and a dense school of fusiliers cruising along the reef.

Daram Corals and Fusiliers

Raja Mangroves

Picture of the Day – Beautiful Mangroves in Gam Island, Raja AmpatRaja Ampat Mangroves

Sunrays stream through the leaves and branches of mangrove trees growing in the waters of Gam Island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia