UWT/Maluku Divers Photo Workshop Update #3

Workshop Ambon

We have now finished day two of our Underwater Tribe / Maluku Divers Photo Workshop and the action is in full swing. Everyone was fully inspired by Joe Daniels slideshow the night before that was chock full of incredible photos of what we might encounter in Ambon so everyone was chomping at the bit this morning to get out there. Highlights of the day included harlequin shrimp, janolus nudibranchs, frogfish, tiger shrimp, leaf fish, ornate ghost pipefish, bumble bee shrimp, and rhinopias! After lunch we began our discussion about strobes and proper strobe positioning for macro and wide photography before heading out on the third dive of the day. Before dinner there was time for image review and camera discussion while some of the folks headed out on a successful mandarinfish dive. After a delicious dinner served by the fantastic Maluku Divers team, Mike continued discussing the “Basics of Photography” with plenty of illustrations explaining f-stops and shutter speeds and how they work in conjunction in underwater photography. After such a full day the gang headed off to bed fairly early in order to get some rest for another full day of diving tomorrow!

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